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If you have general questions about how JEM works or you need support, please see our answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

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What happens to my passwords if my JEM is lost or stolen?

Your passwords are secure. Your JEM cannot be used by anyone else because it is secured by your fingerprint and because it only connects to your paired computers. Having your JEM will not give a thief or hacker access to your vault – even in encrypted form.

You will also not be locked out of your accounts. When you first setup up JEM, we help you create a recovery mechanism to regain access to your vault. As an additional precaution, you should revoke the lost/stolen JEM’s permission to access your vault as soon as possible.

Will it work on any site? Will it work with any browser?

JEM supports the ability to easily access your passwords for any site. JEM also supports the automatic filling of login information (username and password) at almost every site, and we constantly monitor and add support for new and additional sites. We recently conducted a study and found that JEM’s auto-fill capability works at 100% of the top 100 sites.

What if my device loses charge? How do I charge my JEM?

We designed JEM to last up to two weeks on a full charge. The included JEM dock is designed to fit conveniently on your desk near your computer so you can pop your JEM onto the dock and charge it as you work.

If your JEM is discharged, or you do not have your JEM with you, you can use your JEM iOS app as a backup.

What about iPhones and iPads? How does JEM support signing in to apps and websites on these devices?

We have developed JEM Mobile for iOS devices to easily access and use any password stored in your JEM Vault. JEM Mobile integrates with Apple’s Password AutoFill API, which allows your passwords to be automatically entered into the appropriate fields of website and mobile app sign in screens.

Safari, Google Chrome and most mobile apps integrate with Password AutoFill API, and our testing shows the autofill process to work smoothly. For those rare cases where AutoFill does not work, you can access your passwords from the JEM Mobile app and paste it into the appropriate field.

Development and testing of JEM Mobile for iPhones is complete and we have submitted it to the Apple AppStore for review and listing. While we cannot or predict any third party’s review and decision making process, we expect approval and listing soon. Our team is working app store reviewers to make this facility available to customers as quickly as possible.

A version of JEM for iPad is in the works, and we will update this FAQ as soon as we have an estimated release date.

How about Android?

JEM does not support Android devices yet. If you would like us to prioritize support for Android, please contact us using the Contact Us link in the footer below.

How does JEM interact with TouchID or FaceID?

JEM works with TouchID and FaceID to verify your identity. JEM uses the same fingerprint scanning identity verification to log you into any site, account or device, not just those on your phone or computer.

Is JEM waterproof?

JEM is not waterproof.


What if my device is lost or stolen?

Firstly, your passwords are still secure. Your JEM cannot be used by anyone else because it is secured by your fingerprint and only connects to your paired computers.

You will also not be locked out of your accounts. You can continue to access all your passwords using any of your other paired JEM devices or the JEM iOS app.

How secure is JEM? What makes JEM secure?

JEM is a very secure system for storing and quickly accessing your passwords. Encryption and biometric verification make JEM secure by design, and seamless and simple in use.

JEM stores your passwords in an encrypted digital vault. When a password is needed, your vault is unlocked or decrypted after first verifying your fingerprint. The high-resolution fingerprint scanner built into JEM makes verification easy, rapid and accurate. Your passwords are always stored and transported in encrypted form, and your fingerprint data never leaves your JEM device.

JEM: simple, seamless and secure solution to your password headaches.

Where are my passwords stored? How secure is the storage?

JEM distributes and stores your data in multiple places including your JEM, the computers/devices with which you pair your JEM, and the JEM cloud servers. Data from these disparate sources need to come together — like a jigsaw puzzle — to make your data decipherable.

Your usernames and passwords reside in an encrypted vault that is available on your computer while the JEM app is in use. Other data essential for unlocking your password vault comes from your JEM cloud profile and from your JEM device. Finally, the most important data — your fingerprint — comes from you!

Only you have access to the data needed to decrypt your information. No one else, including JEM employees, can decrypt your password vault.

What if JEM gets hacked? Are my passwords still safe?

Firstly, we go to significant lengths to ensure the security of our networks and servers. Nevertheless, given the kind of data that we store, that is insufficient. JEM therefore ensures that your password vault is encrypted by your computer, tablet or phone, using multiple ___ bit keys that are *never* sent to JEM servers. These keys are used in the AES ___ protocol.

This way, even if an attacker was successful in stealing data from JEM servers – and we work hard to prevent this – they would be unable to derive anything of value from it, unless they had also successfully stolen data from your computer and your JEM device.

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