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All Your Passwords – Securely Stored – Instantly Usable

Use your fingerprint to sign in to all your online accounts

Easily use strong, long and
unique passwords

Securely store and use all your credentials with end-to-end encryption

Solving the password problem

JEM is a sleek new device that remembers all your usernames and passwords – so you don’t have to. JEM safely stores your data in a vault secured by your fingerprint. When you want to sign in to a website, activate JEM with the touch of your finger, and it automatically logs you in. It’s that easy. One touch, and you’re in.

Touch to log in

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JEM makes security easy

JEM is encrypted with your fingerprint, so no one other than you can view or use your information, even if it is lost or stolen. You don’t have to remember them, so go ahead and use unique and strong passwords for each of your web accounts, and protect your accounts from hackers and thieves. JEM can even create strong passwords for you. JEM encrypts all sensitive data from beginning to end, at rest and in motion. Your fingerprint never leaves your JEM, and your passwords are never transferred to our cloud or server, even in encrypted form.

Secure JEM with your fingerprint

Pair JEM with your devices

Link password to your JEM vault

Login automatically with a touch of your JEM

Powerful Technology Delivers Ultimate Security & Convenience

All your credentials are stored in a secure JEM vault, which can be unlocked by you alone. You unlock your vault and access your credentials by verifying your identity using JEM’s fingerprint sensor.

End-to-end encryption
All data in your vault is encrypted – at rest and in motion – using locally generated cryptographic keys. No one other than you — not even JEM support staff — has access to the vault keys, guaranteeing you sole and complete control of your data.

Advanced Biometrics
JEM’s high resolution fingerprint sensor and sophisticated software provides accurate and rapid fingerprint verification throughout a lifecycle of millions of touches. Your biometric data (fingerprint images) never leaves the JEM device.

Offline/Local Storage
Your JEM vault is stored locally on your computer, tablet or mobile device. We prefer this approach because a centralized cloud repository of many users’ credentials would inevitably become an attractive target for hackers. To access your vault from multiple end points (computers, tablets or mobile devices) you can use services such as iCloud Drive, DropBox, Google Drive or private cloud storage services.

Configure JEM to suit your life style

Mix and Match your JEM with various accessories to match your style and need.

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