Touch to Login

All Your Passwords – Securely Stored – Instantly Accessed

Scan your fingerprint to sign in to all your online accounts

Easily use strong, long and
unique passwords

Securely store and use all your credentials with end-to-end encryption

Solving the password problem

JEM is a sleek new device that remembers all your usernames and passwords – so you don’t have to. JEM safely stores your data in a vault secured by your fingerprint. When you want to sign in to a website, activate JEM with the touch of your finger, and it automatically logs you in. It’s that easy. Touch to Login. 

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Touch to Login

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Security Made Simple

JEM stores all your passwords in an encrypted vault and makes them accessible at the touch of a button. JEM can even create strong (long, random, unique) passwords for you.

End-to-end encryption and fingerprint verification ensure that only you can view or use your information. This way your data stays safe even if your JEM is lost or stolen.

With JEM, there is no need to remember anything — not even a master password. You never have to think about creating or remembering passwords ever again.

Simple, natural, intuitive: just touch to login. To virtually any account, on virtually any device.

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Scan your fingerprint

Pair JEM with your devices

Link passwords to JEM

Touch to login

Technology Makes It Secure

JEM’s hybrid hardware-software approach delivers the security we need and the simplicity we crave.

JEM’s high-resolution fingerprint scanner and sophisticated software provide accurate and rapid verification every time you touch the device. Your fingerprint image – your biometric data – never leaves your JEM device.

All data in your vault is encrypted using locally generated cryptographic keys. No one else – not even JEM staff – has access to those keys, guaranteeing you complete control of your data.

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